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Resin Table Top in Cement Color


Outdoor/Indoor Resin Table Top in Cement Color, 1-1/8" Thick.

ERP-OR-3-30         30" Round-29 LBS
ERP-OR-3-48         48" Round-71 LBS
ERP-OR-3-2424       24" x 24"-20 LBS
ERP-OR-3-2430       24" x 30"-24 LBS
ERP-OR-3-3030       30" x 30"-32 LBS
ERP-OR-3-3636       36" x 36"-38 LBS
ERP-OR-3-4242       42" x 42"-67 LBS
ERP-OR-3-3060       30" x 60"-62 LBS
ERP-OR-3-3072       30" x 72"-76 LBS

ERP-OR-3-3048       30" x 48"-53 LBS

*There is a support bar in the center of the back of 30" x 48" table. Please avoid installing a single table base in the middle of the table. Use a pair of table bases or some other form of table bases instead.

0"H x 0"L x 0"W

0 LBS.

Seat Height:

Avail. Sizes: